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Joseph Skibell

Bruce Covey

Lecturer in Poetry

N111 Callaway Center
Creative Writing Program
Emory University
537 Kilgo Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322 

404-727-4672 (Fax)

Spring 2011 office hours:

By appointment

Bruce Covey is the author of three books of poetry, The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires, Elapsing Speedway Organism, and Ten Pins, Ten Frames.  His recent poems also appear or are forthcoming in Aufgabe, Verse, LIT, Columbia Poetry Review, Jacket, Sonora Review, Lungfull, Cimarron Review, and other journals.  He edits the web-based poetry magazine Coconut (www.coconutpoetry.org).


As it galvanizes onto your intent
As you embroider your pockets
With its decorative stitching
As you split & spread it with a butter knife
Blanketing over the lawn & scattered flowers
As you insert the needle through all the tiny loops
& draw the awards together into a chain
As you distribute the tiny envelopes
Accompanied by cubes of marshmallow
Bobbing in liquid chocolate
As you chart the elegant ripples
A paper boat skipping over its membrane
& slicing its delicate narrative
As you watch the liquid bloom into the cells
And thoughtfully populate the plant
As you cleave the cloud with your scissors
And pin up the unstructured remnants
As you bear its fibers in the web of conversations
As you squeeze out its toothpaste
Polish until shiny and reflective and moist
As you gather the amniotic fabric into pillows
And tuck in all the little interruptions
As you craft the wounding strokes
Into elaborate and decorative bubbles
Pretending a value beyond number and cash
As you pick up the stylus and drop the needle
On the grooves, playing the song of milk
As you score it, deliberate over it, ponder
The expanding & dissipating rings
Like the thought of you speaking
Your misty words in soft circumscribed nutshells
As you wash over all the sharpness
With your creamy sweeping glaze
I record as if fact & with the wrong medium
Up & down & left & right & red & blue & yellow

"Cream" first appeared in Pool 4 (2005)

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