Emory Literary Club

President of Emory Literary Club:

Katherine Hur
Emory Class of 2018

We're a club that's interested in bringing the great workshops of Emory's Creative Writing Program to the school at large.

Right now, we've got four forms of writing workshops  interested in actively intersecting students in a comfortable space for writing.

The goal is to encourage students of all backgrounds to constructively criticize one another and find what compels them to write.

The following are our workshops and workshop leaders, students who want to engage students in writing however they like.

Fiction Workshops:
Read and write short stories, practice writing exercises, speak with some of the fiction faculty here! Led by Darby Jardeleza, Charles Seidman, and Katherine Hur.
Contacts:  Austyn Wohlers (austyn.wohlers@emory.edu), David Nolan (david.nolan@emory.edu), Katherine Hur (katherine.yeejin.hur@emory.edu)

Poetry Workshop:
Read and write poems, read essays on aesthetics, speak with some of the poetry faculty here! Led by Jason Ehrenzeller.
Contact: TBA

Non-Fiction Workshop:
We can't replace the Journalism department, but we'll try something! This semester students will learn to research a space and then write a memoir on their experiences there. Led by Zachary Issenberg
Contact: TBA

Academic Essay Workshop:
Thinking about grad school, or at the very least trying to pass a class? We'll help! Providing students resources to write graduate-level research papers, review ideas for essays due that semester (provided students ask faculty first!). Led by Jamison Murphy.
Contacts: TBA

These workshops will occur at least every other week this semester, the goal being to work times best for you, the student.

We hope these workshops interest you! If they do, feel free to reach out to respective workshop leaders about how you can stop by!