2019 Grace Abernethy Scholarships

Application Deadline: 12 noon, Wednesday, March 27, to the Creative Writing Program office, N209 Callaway Center

Creative Writing majors at Emory may apply for one of two Grace Abernethy Scholarships, one that recognizes achievements in any of the genres taught in Creative Writing, and one recognizing achievement specifically in the nonfiction genre. The Grace Abernethy Scholarships are financial awards from the Grace K.J. Abernethy Fund. The funds are dispersed through the Hawaii Community Foundation -- majors from Hawaii receive preference -- but the award may be made to natives of other states.

The scholarship totals that will be awarded this year will be announced later this semester.

If you are receiving financial aid, the award will be applied to your aid package.

To apply for either scholarship, you must be a declared Creative Writing major, but may be at any stage of completing the requirements. 

To apply you must submit the following as a hard (printed) copy by the deadline above to the Creative Writing Program office:

  • A cover sheet with your name, the scholarship for which you're applying, your student I.D. number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, your class status, and which courses you've taken so far to fulfill the major (i.e., Creative Writing workshops and upper-level English lit courses)
  • For the non-genre-specfiic Grace Abernethy Scholarship, submit work in any genre, or a mixture of genres, but no more than 20 pages total; this may be several pieces (please number the pages).
  • For the nonfiction Grace Abernethy scholarship, attach a sample of your creative work in that genre, no more than 20 pages; this may be several pieces (please number the pages).


The deadline for submitting the material requested above is 12 noon, Wednesday, March 27 to the Creative Writing Program, N209 Callaway Center.

If you have questions about this, or other awards and scholarships, please contact the Creative Writing Program office, 404-727-4683 or pvitari@emory.edu.