The Creative Writing Program

All majors must take one 200-level introductory workshop in prose or poetry. The same is required of non-majors who wish to take creative writing workshops, though some professors may choose to waive this requirement for junior and senior non-majors. The requirement is never waived for majors. Note that 300-level workshops in Playwriting and Screenwriting do not require any pre-requisite.

Students who have completed the 200 level requirement may move into any Intermediate workshop. Creative Writing majors may take only ONE 200-level course as part of the major.

(For Advanced Courses in Spring semesters): Students who make a A- or better in the Intermediate level workshops may apply to take advanced level workshops. All other students must apply to these workshops with a manuscript submission (students must also complete the application form). The individual instructor may require manuscript submission from all students for admission to the advanced workshops. Only students who receive this positive assessment of readiness will enter advanced workshops.

All Creative Writing courses are permission-only and require an application to be submitted in hardcopy to the Creative Writing Program office in N209 Callaway. Applications are available at the Creative Writing Program office in N209 Callaway and may also be downloaded from the Quicklinks section on the right. You may also e-mail to request an application in Word. Applications will be accepted up to the end of add-drop in the fall. If you are not on campus this semester (Oxford, study abroad, etc.,) or are mobility impaired, you may e-mail your application to Paula Vitaris at Creative Writing workshops fill up quickly so apply as soon as possible. If the class you apply for is full, you will be added to a waiting list and you will be contacted by e-mail if a space opens up.



ENGCW 271W-1

Introduction to Poetry Writing Chakraborty Tuesday 2:30-5:30

ENGCW 271W-2

Introduction to Poetry Writing Marberry Wednesday 2-5
ENGCW 271W-3 Introduction to Poetry Writing Marberry Thursday 2:30-5:30
ENGCW 272W-1 Introduction to Fiction Writing Belk Monday 2-5
ENGCW 272W-2 Introduction to Fiction Writing Unigwe Tuesday 2:30-5:30
ENGCW 272W-3 Introduction to Fiction Writing Grimsley Wednesday 2-5
ENGCW 272W-4 Introduction to Fiction Writing Salsi Thursday 2:30-5:30
ENGCW 370RW-1 Intermediate Fiction Grimsley Monday 2-5
ENGCW 370RW-2 Intermediate Fiction Cooper Tuesday 2:30-5:30
ENGCW 370RW-3 Intermediate Fiction Unigwe Thursday 2:30-5:30
ENGCW 371RW-1 Intermediate Poetry Brown Tuesday 2:30-5:30
ENGCW/THEA 372RW-1 Playwriting Holder Wednesday 3-6
ENGCW 376RW-1 Creative Nonfiction Skibell Thursday 2:30-5:30
ENGCW/FILM 378RW Screenwriting Skibell Wednesday 2-5

ENGCW 379W-1


CANCELLED: Special Topics: Poetry & Sport Marberry Wednesday 2-5

ENGCW 379W-2/

THEA 389W-2

Special Topics: Writing Dramatic Monologues Gonzales Thursday 2:30-5:30



Georgia Civil Rights Cold Cases


Klibanoff Wednesday 2-4:30


Honors Seminar

Grimsley Tuesday 2:30-5:30