Students Accepted For Classes-Spring 2019

This list will be updated frequently during pre-registration and add/drop, so if you don't see your name, please check back. If the class is full and your name is not on the list check back again as we may be working on getting an acceptance into your second choice. If your second choice is also full and you would like to find out about available classes, please e-mail

Please Remember -- OPUS is NOT an accurate picture of availability as students who have been accepted into a class may have not yet pre-registered or added in. Even if a class appears to have an available space, that space may be in a hold status for a student on the waiting list. If you wish to apply for a class or get on the waiting list, please go to the Creative Writing Program office in N209 Callaway and fill out the required application form.

If you are accepted into a Creative Writing Class:

  1. You must obtain a permission number from Paula Vitaris in the creative writing program office. You may either go to the Creative Writing Program office (N209 Callaway) or e-mail Paula Vitaris ( for a permission number.
  2. If you decide not to take the class into which you have been accepted, you must inform Paula Vitaris ( Other students may be waiting for the space.


ENGCW 271W-1 Introduction to Poetry Writing (Tuesday 2:30-5:30, Sturm)

  • Barbosa, Joshua
  • Bonnlander, Clara
  • Brickman, Jason
  • LiBrandi, Sophia
  • Park, Eric
  • Rubach, Cami
  • Setasawatpong, Munsie
  • Tinkler, Rebecca
  • Zhuang, Yuan

ENGCW 271W-2 Introduction to Poetry Writing (Wednesday 3-6, Pence)

  • Chen, Po-Han
  • Clem, Rebecca
  • D'Agostino, Helen
  • Davis, Rhiannon
  • Gupta, Akshit
  • Lee, Tylor
  • Mather, Charlie
  • Soliman, Ola
  • Roy, Wrishija
  • Xu, Kevin

ENGCW 271W-3 Introduction to Poetry Writing (Thursday 2:30-5:30, Banks)

  • Connolly, Maggie
  • Mowla, Wardha
  • Medina, Dulce
  • Newhouse, Ariana
  • Rached, Noor
  • Vavilikolanu, Anusha

ENGCW 272W-1 Introduction to Fiction Writing (Monday 2-5, Jones)

  • Beattie, Emily
  • Burke, Jacqueline
  • Curlee, Marcus
  • Deuskar, Tanika
  • Garbee, Lyndsey
  • Jarrett, Grace
  • Li, Annie
  • MacDonald, Calen
  • Roach, Christell
  • Sandmann, Natalie
  • Scheel, Bethany
  • Stout, Cathy
  • Utech, Elysia
  • Williams, Elise
  • Yoon, Yerin

ENGCW 272W-2 Introduction to Fiction Writing (Monday 2-5, Skibell)

  • Benson, Emily
  • Bowers, John
  • Brown, Ariel
  • Clements, Cara
  • Horton, Rachel
  • Konings, Claudia
  • Korpanty, Anna
  • Laico, Julia
  • Leimbach, Sydney
  • MacArthur, Erika
  • Rose, Anneka
  • Russin, Alec
  • Sattineni, Tanya
  • Woytowitz, Sean
  • Yang, Joy

ENGCW 272W-3 Introduction to Fiction Writing (Tuesday 2:30-5:30, Unigwe)

  • Auger, Sara
  • Edwards-Coope, Katana
  • Goldblum, Nathaniel
  • Hwang, Katie
  • Jaye, Sophia
  • McGovern, Mark
  • Mindell, Drew
  • Shan, Brian
  • Stroud, Hailey
  • Wagner, Hanna
  • Yang, Alice

ENGCW 272W-4 Introduction to Fiction Writing (Wednesday 2-5, Gonzales)

  • An, Andrew
  • Chinchilla, Carolina
  • Fugar, Angel
  • Garcia, Kaylee
  • Hills-Gunn, Una
  • Liang, Christine
  • McClain, Jake
  • Spies, Georgia
  • Wan, Michelle
  • Yousef, Nassem

ENGCW 272W-5 Introduction to Fiction Writing (Thursday 2:30-5:30, Corbitt)

  • Lee, Aria
  • Roesler, Hayley
  • Sandrick, Kellen
  • White, Savannah

ENGCW 370RW-1 Intermediate Fiction  (Tuesday 2:30-5:30, Plattner)

  • Acceptances Pending

ENGCW 370RW-2 Intermediate Fiction  (Wednesday 2-5, Cooper)

  • Altobelli, Stephen
  • Bae, Cecillia
  • Cassidy, Samantha
  • Cao, Angela
  • Crossley, Anna
  • DeFrancisco, Jessy
  • Kantor, Emma
  • Katz, Cameron
  • McKnight, Olivia
  • McLendon, Hannah
  • Meghjee, Samah
  • Neblett, Isabella
  • Vasquez, Anna
  • Weinshenker, Paul
  • Wooten, Emmanuel

ENGCW 370RW-3 Intermediate Fiction  (Thursday, 2:30-5:30, Gonzales)

  • Acceptances Pending

ENGCW 371RW-1 Intermediate Poetry  (Tuesday, 2:30-5:30, Marberry)

  • Allums, Kalyani
  • Hernandez, Hailey
  • Logani, Ilina
  • Newbern, Jackson
  • Perozo Borges, Alejandro
  • Stallins, Jack
  • Ta, Nha
  • Wilson, DaQuon

ENGCW 373RW-1 Advanced Fiction (Tuesday, 2:30-5:30, Jones)

  • Acceptances Pending

ENGCW 373RW-2 Advanced Fiction (Thursday, 2:30-5:30, Cooper)

  • Batra, Angad
  • Bowman, Lily
  • Mao, Selina
  • Perry, Lauren
  • Ross, Bella

ENGCW 374RW-1 Advanced Poetry (Tuesday, 2-5, Wright)

  • Al Maghrabi, Ginnan
  • Bakdash, Talah
  • Pabbaraju, Shreya
  • Wainger, Lucy

ENGCW/THEA 375RW-1 Advanced Playwriting (Wednesday, 2-5, Skibell)

  • Niggli, Aleksander
  • Nolan, David

ENGCW 376RW-1 Creative Nonfiction  (Tuesday, 2:30-5:30, Klibanoff)

  • Acceptances Pending

ENGCW/FILM 378RW-1 Screenwriting  (Tuesday, 3:30-6:30, Lucker)

  • Acceptances Pending

ENGCW 379-1/FILM 389-5 Special Topics: 50 Shades of Gray: Ethics in Journalism and Nonfiction (Wednesday, 2-5, Klibanoff)

  • Acceptances Pending