2021 Tom-Chris Allen Scholarship in Nonfiction

Application deadline:

4 p.m., Wednesday, March 24, 2021 to creativewriting@emory.edu

To be eligible for the Tom-Chris Allen Scholarship in Nonfiction, you must be either a Creative Writing major, or have taken an Emory Creative Writing Program nonfiction class within the past three years. (The scholarship is for 2021-2022, so graduating seniors are not eligible.)

The Creative Writing Program, at its discretion, may divide the Tom-Chris Allen Scholarship in Nonfiction among two winners.

To apply you must submit the following as ONE DOCUMENT IN EITHER WORD OR PDF FORMAT by the deadline above to creativewriting@emory.edu

  • A resumé with your name, your student I.D. number, NETID, address, telephone number, e-mail address, your class status, and a list of the courses you’ve taken in Creative Writing, in the following format: Spring 2020: ENGCW 376RW-1 Creative Nonfiction, Hank Klibanoff
  • A 250-word statement that lays out your commitment to nonfiction, and the role it has played in your education, and any larger role you’ve played in advancing writing excellence in the larger College.

  • A nonfiction work sample (up to 20 pages; may include different pieces) that is relevant to your nonfiction writing. Pages should be typed, double-spaced and numbered.

A transcript is also required. Paula Vitaris in the Creative Writing Program office will obtain the transcript from OPUS separately and add it to your application.