Fall 2021 Class Acceptance Information


The list of accepted students will no longer be published, due to privacy regulations.

OPUS is NOT an accurate picture of availability as students who have been accepted into a class may have not yet pre-registered or added in. Even if a class appears to have an available space, that space may be in a hold status for a student who has not yet registered. If you wish to apply for a class or get on the waiting list, please fill out the required application form and submit it to Creative Writing Program department administrator Nora Lewis at nora.lewis@emory.edu. Do not e-mail faculty asking for a permission number.

The complete Fall 2021 Creative Writing course atlas, with course descriptions, course pre-requisites, writing sample requirement information, textbook information, and assessment (grading rubric) is on our website. You should consult our version of the course atlas before submitting your application.

Nora Lewis will e-mail you to let you know if you have been accepted into a class or if you have been placed on a waiting list. Accepted students will receive a permission number for their class.

Please e-mail Nora Lewis (nora.lewis@emory.edu) if:

  • You decide not to take or decide to drop the Creative Writing class to which you have been accepted.
  • You need to switch sections of your class or decide you want an entirely different class.
  • You are having trouble registering/adding with the permission number you received.
  • You cannot pre-register or add in right now because of a hold on your account or you need to request an exception from the College regarding maximum or minimum number of credits. (You will not lose your space in a class to which you've been accepted because you cannot register immediately.)
  • You have other questions regarding class registration.