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Studying Abroad

Students preparing to study abroad should be aware of the Creative Writing Program (and English Department) rules that affect courses taken for our major. Please read the following. See your advisor or the Program director if you have questions.

The Creative Writing Program strongly discourages taking any Creative Writing workshops abroad or as transfer credit. If you are planning to take a Creative Writing class abroad, you must discuss your plans with your faculty advisor in advance. Usually these classes will not count towards the Creative Writing major.

Students studying in countries where English is not the primary language may take only one English literature course toward the Creative Writing major. The course must be equivalent to an upper-level (300 or 400) English literature course at Emory.

Creative Writing majors studying in countries where English is the primary language may take two English literature courses toward the major. The courses must be equivalent to an upper-level (300 or 400) English literature course at Emory.

All literature courses that are to be applied to the English literature requirement of the major should be reviewed by the Department of English to determine that they are equivalent to Emory courses. Therefore, you should send online requests for such approvals for English literature classes abroad to the English Department Director of Undergraduate Studies, Ross Knecht

You should pay close attention to the number of credit hours offered by such a program and consult with their advisors if necessary to make sure that the planned courses are equivalent to the four hours of credit that Emory courses fulfill.

Keep careful records of all the academic work you do abroad; save course syllabi, papers, exams, and any other course materials. If a problem arises with the credit for your study abroad, being able to show exactly what was required in a course will be important.

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