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Creative Writing Major

Writing Workshops

Creative Writing majors must complete five writing workshops (15-20 credits).


  • Majors are welcome to take a second 200-level introductory workshop in another genre, but it is not required and it will not count towards the major.
  • At least two workshops must be taken in the same genre (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, dramatic writing); students are encouraged to continue studying in the same genre as the Intro but this is not a requirement.
  • Either Honors or one Independent Study can count as one workshop.

Literature Requirement (ENG 300-level or above)

Six 300-level English courses (18-24 credits); all six courses must be focused on literary studies:

  • At least two courses concentrating mainly on poetry.
  • At least two courses concentrating mainly on prose.
  • At least two courses in writing of the 19th century or earlier.

Some English literature classes may fulfill a dual requirement (for instance, a class might fulfill both poetry and 19th century or earlier requirements) but even if you complete the prose/poetry/19th century or earlier requirements in four or five classes, you still must take six English literature classes minimum.

Drama that is written in the form of poetry can count toward the poetry requirement. Drama that is written in the form of prose can count for the prose requirement.

Each major's advisor will exercise discretion in allowing credit for these categories since many courses mix poetry and prose. Students may also substitute one 200-level English course for one 300-level course.

Additional Information

All classes for the Creative Writing major must be taken for a letter grade -- S/U is not allowed for classes taken in fulfillment of the major. A grade of C is the minimum required for a class to count towards the major. Classes with a grade below C will not appear in Degree Tracker towards fulfilling the major.

Majors are typically not allowed to take more than one workshop per semester; non-majors may take only one. Exceptions will be made for Oxford students who plan to study abroad for a semester. Majors who wish to take a second workshop must obtain permission from the Program by emailing Explain in your email why you need to take two workshops, list the two workshops you intend to take, and include a list of workshops already taken (for each, include the semester, instructor name, and the grade you received).

ENGRD (Writing Program) courses do NOT count as English literature classes towards the major, with one exception: Professor Daniel Bosch's ENGRD 380 Topics class, Literary Editing and Publishing, offered in Spring 2021. This class counts towards both the prose and poetry requirements for the English literature component of the Creative Writing major.

Most Creative Writing classes (except First Year Seminars) will fulfill the post-first year writing requirement. If the course number includes the letter "W," then it will fulfill the writing requirement.

ENGCW_OX 270W Introduction to Creative Writing or ENGCW_OX 271W Introduction to Poetry Writing or ENGCW_OX 272W Introduction to Fiction Writing taken at Oxford will count towards the Creative Writing major unless otherwise noted. You may take any of these but only one will count towards the major. You will still need to take four 300-level Creative Writing workshops at Emory and should plan ahead to take one workshop each semester. The  FILM 378 Screenwriting course offered at Oxford does NOT count towards the Creative Writing major. Oxford students should participate in Emory pre-registration and the Creative Writing Program's application process the Spring before they arrive at Emory in order to ensure a place in a Fall class. Email with any questions BEFORE SPRING BREAK.